Affordable Home Repair
Serving Columbus Georgia and Surrounding Areas
George Thomas
Phone 706-505-6686
Email: info@ahr-ga.com



1. Do you charge for an on site consultation?

We do not charge for local estimates within 15 miles of Columbus, GA. We do charge a $35 fee for estimate farther than 15 miles, however this fee is refundable if we are awarded the job.

2. Do you use sub-contractors?

Yes, and I personally manage each and every remodel. All of the subs I use have been doing work for me for at least 5 years and most for over 10 years. I stand behind the integrity of every one on the job and I am on the job daily.

3. Are you licensed and insured?


4. How far from Columbus does you company perform jobs?

We have done jobs as far as 150 miles from Columbus.

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